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Hele Box

Hele Box

3 in 1 Vehicle Sleeping System

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Every Hele Box is assembled in the USA! Ships 1-5 biz days after we receive your order. Include sleeping pad for maximum comfort!

Lightweight sleeping platform + storage system + camping table that fits into most SUVs/Trucks. Go from daily-driver to car camping in minutes! 

The Hele Box is designed to transform your vehicle into the vanlifing, overlanding, roadtriping rig you’ve always wanted without committing to a heavy and expensive buildout. Set it up for the relevant weekends/trips, and store it away when not in use. 

Does it fit my vehicle?! Check Here!


  • Constructed -  72” x 24”  
  • Storage Case - 34” x 13” 
  • Packaged Weight - 25lbs 
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Sleeping Platform

Our patent pending design ensures the best night's sleep in your vehicle.

The independently adjustable legs ensure a flat/level sleeping surface, even if your vehicle isn't! Adjust the height to strike your perfect balance between headroom & storage. At 6ft of length - we provide enough room for you to stretch out after a long day of adventure and new memories. 

The sleeping surface accommodates sleeping pads up to 78” x 26” wide. Here’s a list of popular pads we’ve had the pleasure of testing. Don’t own a sleeping pad for car camping? We’ve got you covered - scroll on, my friend!

Storage System

Storage space is worth it's weight in gold when car camping.

The Hele Box's carrying case doubles a compartmentalized storage container, fits snug under the platform, and slides out for easy access to your gear/goodies when car camping. It comes with three compartment dividers that you can remove or adjust to your needs!

The wooden topper provides additional under/over storage. You can easily unlatch and slide it forward to access gear that's stored under your platform - or load gear on top of the platform and secure it down using the rails at latch points.

Camping Table

Tired of lugging around that rusty old table every time you go car camping? So were we! The Hele Box is light enough for one person to easily remove, swing around, and use as a gathering area to share old stories and create new memories. You can choose the length of your table by removing one or none of the supports and run it out the back of your tailgate or independently on its own legs.

Sleeping Pad (Add-On)

Our 'car friendly' design is lightweight, extremely comfy, and doesn't sacrificing extra headroom.

- 3” thick hybrid of foam/air allows you to adjust the level of firmness

- Top surface is a soft 50D poly fabric and the bottom is equipped with an anti-slip material

- Inflated size: 72" x 25" x 3"

Make sure to add it on if you don't own a compatible pad!

Hele Box | Car Camping System

More Information!

Size & Specs

Platform Dimensions

  • 6ft long x 24 wide x 8.5-14" high

Height (floor to top of frame)

  • Shortest: 8 1/2 inch
  • Tallest: 14 inch
  • Adjustable by 1/2 inch increments


Hele Box’s frame is made of aerospace grade aluminum (6061) making it extremely light without compromising strength. The total weight of the frame is just under 10 lbs, and the entire system sits at 24lbs - a fraction of weight when compared to custom wood systems/rooftop tents. 


Every Hele Box comes with:

- 6 short legs (8-14")

- 2 extended legs (14-25")

Vehicle Fitments & Instructions

See if the Hele Box has been tested to fit you vehicle here

Check out our YouTube channel for helpful information, product walkthroughs, and our "how it fits series"

Here's the set up instructions!

Helpful Girl/Guy Math Calculator

With this purchase I will save:

  • $5k+ on a van & custom build  
  • $1500+ on a rooftop tent that wreaks havoc on my gas mileage 
  • $100+/night in nasty motels or busted up b&bs on road trips - yuck! 
  • $50 on a rinky-dink camping table that takes up all the room in my car 
  • Time, money, and trips to the chiropractor on a permanent & heavy build-out
  • Ample room in my garage when it's not camping season

Jokes aside - we truly believe this is the most economical way for a positive car camping/road tripping/overlanding/van-lifing experience.

Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping in USA - Shipping is through UPS ground, the costs will be estimated for you in your cart when you go to check out.

Shipping to Canada - Shipping is through UPS ground or USPS, the costs will be estimated for you in your cart when you go to check out. You will also need to pay a custom/duty charge that will only be sent to you once it makes it to the customs warehouse in Canada. You will be alerted by the carrier via email, and the Hele Box will not be sent to your address until the duty charge is paid.

Returns - We think you'll be stoked on the Hele Box, but if it doesn't work for you, no worries! We have a 30-day return policy. More information can be found in the check-out.

Why Hele Box?

The Hele Box is a true 3 in 1 Vehicle Sleeping System. The built-in storage capabilities, lightweight design to easily transform into a table, and .5" incremental adjustably makes our product the most-modular solution on the market.

So why didn't the big name brands think of this design?

Hele Outdoors is a small (but mighty!) business HQ'd in Colorado focused on creating gear we actually use in the field. Being both the supply and demand for our products give us competitive advantage in our creations.

3% of profits will go to nature conservation efforts in Hawaii. Learn more about our mission and story here.


How does it make a 6ft laying surface when my trunk/cargo space is less than that?

If you are using the Hele Box in an SUV, a set of longer adjustable legs are attached to the front of the frame. These legs sit in the footwell of the rear seating and level out the frame with the other 4 shorter legs in the rear of the frame.

What if my cargo space has different heights or isn't completely flat?

No problem! All 6 legs are independently adjustable allowing you to dial in a flat laying surface even if your cargo area isn't. Check our vehicle fitment guide or send us a message and we'd be happy to confirm with you!

If the vehicle isn't listed on your fitment list, does that mean it won't fit?

No! We've tested the Hele Box in more than 40 makes/models/generations of vehicles, but there are SO MANY MORE out there we've yet to test. If you don't see your vehicle on the list, please reach out to us with the make/model/year of your vehicle and we can help confirm a fit with you virtually.

Does it come with the components needed for a flat space or do you need an extra set of short legs?

Every Hele Box comes ready to be set up for a flat space (all 6 short legs) or an SUV (4 short legs and 2 long legs for the foot wells). You don't need to buy anything extra :)

Is the packaging/storage system different if I order the pad or not?

Nope! Its the same storage system/packaging.

Do you recommend your pad or my own?

We designed our pad around our platform with an emphasis on comfortability without sacrificing headroom.

Where can I go to learn more?!

Our Youtube Channel is loaded with helpful content for you to check out :)

When are you releasing the 2-person sleeper?

Soon! We are so excited and there's been so many asks for this from our stoked customers!! Pre-sales should go live by mid-August with fulfillment in October. More info to come!

Can you buy an extra set of legs separately?

This is coming soon! You'll be able to purchase extra sets of "long/extended" legs in the coming months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Michele Lyn
Favorite Hotel Ever!

A-mazing! My first trip with Hele Box put Murray’s product to the test and it passed with more than flying colors. Dispersed camping often means un-level ground. My Tacoma had not 1 but 2 fall lines going on and because Hele Box has 6 telescoping legs I leveled my bed in a matter of minutes. Phenomenal design makes it easily adaptable to varying conditions. Murray thought through a bunch of possible scenarios when designing this sleep system and it shows.

And the pad, my goodness the pad, it’s from the gods. I’ve used Sea to Summits thickest/highest R value camping pad for years and the pad you can purchase from Hele Outdoors blows it way out of the water. Highly highly recommend purchasing it with your Hele Box sleep system.

My 2nd trip with Hele Box sleep system I preferred to sleep in the back of my truck verses in my friend’s house! It’s that comfortable and props you up higher in your vehicle for optimal views. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to stare out at Santa Fe’s skies from the comfort of their own hotel on wheels?!! Ranch animals all approve this message.

Thank you for making Hele Box Murray, it’s changed my traveling world for the way better!

-Michele Lyn
2023 Tacoma Double Cab w/ 6ft bed

Travis James
Perfect fit for a Jeep

Awesome to see a great vision come to life -easy to assemble, durable materials, and great design. Never thought I’d be able to comfortably camp in my Jeep with the angle of the seats but the Helebox fits like a glove. It’ll be in my Jeep for many trips to come. Highly recommend

Nice bed frame that fits well in my 2023 Hybrid CRV

I was afraid that this won't fit into my SUV, but it does. It is study and easy to put together.

Corey O’Brien
Quality construction and well thought out

Always a little skeptical buying newer products but the idea and vision made total sense so gave the Hele a shot. I have a 2004 Tundra that I usually camp with, just throwing blankets and sleeping bags in the bed but it was super limiting on storage and I didnt want a full time build out as I use my truck for work. This was a perfect setup

Toby L.

I have a mini van, and already have a platform (conduit and maker pipe connectors) for two people. I wanted something for my solo trips and this fits the bill perfectly! It's light, compact, and stores easily. I didn't get the pad because I already have two so I can't comment on that piece. I must have missed something in the instructions pamphlet, I don't exactly know why there are two holes in middle supports. Maybe for the table conversation? Anyway, excellent product, my roommate has ordered one as well for her SUV. Thanks!