Our Mission

Life is stressful - work, housing, errands, and the pressures of society are constantly draining us. If you are like us, then you know the best remedy for our fast-paced lives is time spent enjoying the outdoors or on a grand adventure. It’s the reset button we need to breathe life back into our souls.

Our missions is to make adventures and their everlasting memories accessible to all. Our lineup of products are versatile, durable, and easy to use so you can get where you’re going without wasted time/effort.

Inspired by the Hawaiian culture we grew up in, 'Hele' meaning 'go', embodies our commitment to your outdoor exploration.

3% For Hawaii

Hawaii is the birthplace of our founder and spark that ignited our love and appreciation for the outdoors.

In order to keep the land in it's pristine and natural state, we are committing 3% of our profits to nature conservation efforts in Hawaii.

On January 15th of every year Hele Outdoors will donate to selected conservation agencies/non-profits/groups. We'll provide documentation so our community can see how their contribution is giving back to our planet!

About the founder

Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii - I spent the first 18 years of my life surrounded by the outdoors. My only priorities were where I was going to surf or cast my fishing pole once the final school bell rang. 

The journey of adulting eventually took me to the mainland where my list of priorities gradually grew larger: saving for a home, paying for groceries, running errands, maintaining relationships, the list goes on…slowly but surely adventures and the outdoors went from a priority to a figment in my imagination.

Sound familiar?

It wasn’t until I moved back home to Hawaii during the pandemic when I was reawakened. I couldn’t believe I left this world behind in the pursuit of a rat race.

With my passion for the outdoors reborn I decided to trade-in sand for snow and move to Colorado for a new adventure. It was here that Hele Outdoors was born. 

I wanted to explore the off-road trails that are abundant across our country, and needed a modem for doing so. I had two options for optimal vehicle camping - buy a $1500 roof-top tent or trying to build a custom platform bed in my vehicle. I felt stuck - bound by cost constraints, a lack of carpenter knowledge, and storage issues for either option. This is what inspired the development of our flagship product “Hele Box” , a modular sleeping platform and storage system.

A week after I completed my first fully functional prototype, I was handed a severance package and send off from a company that I committed 5 years of my life to. Newly laid-off, I decided to pour everything into my dream of starting an outdoor company…